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Trailer Servicing

All road-going vehicles need to be serviced from time to time, and your trailer is no exception. PRG Trailers offer a full servicing package, carried out by our trained staff, to ensure that your trailer is in good and safe working condition.

All working and structural parts are checked for wear and damage, adjusted where possible, or replaced with new parts.

Please telephone 01270 812402 or e-mail for further information or to book your trailer in for servicing.

Trailer FAQs

Some of the more frequently asked questions are detailed below. If you have any other or more specific questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is my vehicle suitable for towing?

When it comes to towing a trailer, safety is paramount. You should check that your tow vehicle is rated to be able to tow the extra weight of your trailer and payload. This information should be in your vehicles handbook, on the vehicle manufacturers website or will be available at the manufacturers local dealer.

How should the load be positioned / distributed on the trailer?

When loading your trailer it is very important to achieve a positive nose weight once loaded. A nose weight of between 50-100Kg is considered the norm. If this positive nose weight is not achieved then problems whilst towing are very likely – ‘snaking’ for example is usually a direct result of a trailer loaded incorrectly and the lack of positive nose weight.

How do I ensure the load is properly secured on the trailer?

The preferred method of restraining a load on a trailer is by the use of load securing straps (ratchet straps). There are many different varieties of these straps with different load ratings, it is always advisable to use straps rated to at least twice the weight of the load being secured. Two securing straps at the front of a vehicle, and two at the rear is the best way to ensure a vehicle is secure.

The trailers winch should NOT be used as a means of securing a load.

PRG Trailers have many types of these securing straps in stock (see accessories page), and we will be happy to advise on the best sort of securing strap for your needs.

All trailers manufactured by PRG have specific tie down points, either as loops welded to the chassis or holes in the trailer bed. These should always be used for strapping down.

What is the wiring key for my trailer's lights?

All European trailers should be wired in basically the same way. Connection to the tow vehicle is made in one of two ways: Most common is a Black seven pin socket and plug (12N), this is used for all the lighting on a trailer. This may be accompanied by a Grey seven pin plug and socket (12S), which is used for all ancillary devices. E.g. Battery charging, 12 volt power supplies, reversing lights.

7 Pin Standard Plug Details


13 Pin Standard Plug Details

What should the tyre pressures be for my trailer?

Tyres other than the ones listed below have been used on certain occasions. Please check the trailer’s identification plate or contact us for further information.


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